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Meet the team

TW Events & Incentives was launched as a standalone business, part of southern tourism hub Transport World, in October 2019.

Headed by events manager Adam Reinsfield, the small and tight-knit team pride themselves on providing a warm, personal touch rarely found elsewhere. They are Southland destination experts, boast decades of cumulative experience, and will make every guest feel like they are part of the family.

Adam Reinsfield, TW Events & Incentives, Event, Conference, Party Venue, Invercargill

Adam Reinsfield

Event manager

E. adam@twevents.nz

At the helm of the newly-formed events and incentives organisation is Adam Reinsfield, who boasts more than 15 years in a variety of roles throughout the industry. He’s known for his dynamic and engaging personality. In his down-time Adam enjoys spending time with his family and he also has a mean green thumb.

Maree Tressler TW Events Incentives, Conference, Conference Venue, Gala Dinner, Party Venue, Event, Invercargill

Maree Tresser

Venue liaison

E. maree.tresser@twevents.nz

The best things come in small packages, right? Maree Tressler is one of the venue liaisons here at TW Events & Incentives. When she’s not overseeing all the finer details that go into making every event a success, Maree can be found overseeing her burgeoning hot tub and accommodation business.

Rachel Robinson, TW Events & Incentives, Event, Conference, Party Venue, Invercargill

Rachel Robinson

Venue liaison

E. rachel.robinson@twevents.nz

Rachel Robinson began her career at southern tourism hub Transport World working as Catering Manager for MASH Catering. Her wicked sense of humour and approachability helps her connect with guests of all backgrounds. Rachel is a woman on the go, juggling life as a venue liaison while also raising two young boys.

Catherine Skerrett, TW Events & Incentives, Event, Conference, Party Venue, Invercargill

Catherine Skerrett

Venue liaison

E. catherine.skerrett@twevents.nz

Catherine Skerrett began her career as a lawyer – but eventually, the events and incentives industry came calling and she has been involved in the events side of Transport World’s business since its opening in 2015. Mum to a toddler, Catherine is renowned for her sharp eye – a massive advantage in this industry.

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