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Southern Oyster Bash: dust off your dance shoes with In The Pocket


Guests at the Southern Oyster Bash are in for plenty of treats – including of the musical variety.

Southland’s newest band on the block, In The Pocket, are set to take to the stage and entice Southern Oyster Bash attendees onto the dancefloor. So, what can partygoers expect?

We talked to the band – made up of Emma Williams (vocals), Darcy Kerr (guitar and vocals), Metua Marama (drums and vocals) and Asher Skerrett (bass) – to find out.


What kind of music does the band play? How would you describe In The Pocket to people who haven’t heard you before?

Metua:  'In the Pocket" is a collaborative band forged in the deep south, first time listeners will experience lush harmonies, tasty rhythms and engaging musicality for all to enjoy! We play a wide style of genres ranging from pop, funk, soul, rnb, reggae and old to new school.

Favourite song to perform?

Emma: Favourite song to perform at the moment would have to be something Dua Lipa, maybe Don’t Start Now.

Metua: Currently I enjoy playing 'Bene' tracks due to the excellently-produced drums.

Asher: Like Emma, my favourite song to perform is Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa. It has a seriously funky bassline.

What can the crowd expect from your performance?

Emma: Good music and good energy.

Metua: Soulful tunes that we can all appreciate, then they’ll be swept away to some upbeat dance tracks that will excite and ignite.

What are you looking forward to on the night?

Darcy: I'm looking foward to the people getting up on the dance floor to have a boogie, and playing some good tunes with you guys.


In The Pocket is one of three live entertainment acts to be showcased at the Southern Oyster Ball. A live performance from renowned Christchurch-based troupe Epic Entertainment, as well as a jazzy interlude featuring the baby grand piano in Bill’s Shed, will also add to the immersive entertainment experience on the night.

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