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A message from TW Events & Incentives

Invercargill’s famous for its friendliness, and Transport World – Bill Richardson Transport World, Classic Motorcycle Mecca, Dig This Invercargill, and TW Events & Incentives – loves nothing better than welcoming visitors from far and wide.

We pride ourselves on giving guests the chance to create memories when they visit us: and we’ve decided that the best way to ensure the well-being of our visitors, our staff, and our community is to require people entering any of our facilities to be fully vaccinated.

We believe that requiring our guests be vaccinated will make Transport World as safe as it can be, ensuring we can continue creating memories alongside as many guests as possible.

In the meantime, if you are unable to visit Transport World’s facilities in-person, please access our collections online via our significant archive of information, images, videos, and stories.

We will continue to adhere to advice and regulations as directed by the Government. We will continue to review Transport World’s policies as the Covid-19 environment evolves. For more detailed policies, click here.

The information on this page is subject to change and will continue to be updated.


What this means for TW Events & Incentives' guests

The Covid-19 protection framework – better known as the traffic light system – will come into effect at 11.59pm on Thursday 2 December.

From this point, all visitors to Transport World’s facilities (including those attending events at our venues, Bill Richardson Transport World or The Handle Bar at Classic Motorcycle Mecca, as well as external contractors and suppliers) will need to be vaccinated.

We will check visitors’ vaccination status upon arrival to our facilities using the My Vaccine Pass process.

Given the extra precautions and measures the TW Events & Incentives team now has to take under the traffic light system, we now require final numbers and event details to be confirmed a minimum of 10 days prior to any event held at our venues. Details received after this timeframe may impact upon the running of your event.


Does this apply to all guests?

We understand not everybody can be vaccinated. Our policy allows for exemptions following guidelines implemented by the Ministry of Health.

Children under the age of 12 years old cannot currently be vaccinated against Covid-19. Our policy does not apply to children aged under 12 years.


How Transport World will verify guests’ vaccination status

Transport World will use the My Vaccine Pass system to check the vaccination status of our guests as they enter our facilities. Once you are in your events space, your My Vaccine Pass will be sighted, with random scanning and ID checks undertaken within your events space.


When guests forget to bring their My Vaccine Pass to our facilities

Unfortunately, guests who do not have their My Vaccine Pass details available upon their arrival to Transport World facilities will not be able to enter. The safety of our guests, staff and community is paramount.


Can guests use a negative Covid-19 test instead of the My Vaccine Pass?

At this time, no.

To ensure you are able to enter Transport World’s facilities, please check that you can access your My Vaccine Pass prior to your arrival.


Are there limits on event sizes?

Again, this depends on what ‘light’ our region is operating under. The following limits detailed are those that apply to venues such as ours (for clarity, we fall under ‘professional or semi-professional sporting events, private or public events of all sizes, auctions, private galleries, concert venues, conference venues’).

Red light: An event or gathering may occur with up to 100 people, and based on 1m distancing (whichever is the lesser) per defined space.

Orange light: Event capacities are based on 1m social distancing. This means the maximum number of people who could occupy an event space if each person was 1m apart.  

Green light: Events and gatherings can operate without number limits.


What about food and beverage service?

Again, this depends on the type of venue as well as which ‘light’ we are classified under.

Red light: Food and beverage service must be seated and separated.

Orange and green lights: No limits imposed.


What you need to do when visiting Transport World

Checking in

Please continue to use the Covid-19 tracer app (or check in manually) upon entry, regardless of what ‘light’ we are operating within. This is a requirement of entry to Transport World facilities.

Do events guests have to wear a mask?

This depends not just on what ‘light’ our region falls under, but where in our venues you are.

Red and orange lights: Please continue to wear a mask when entering, walking around, or exiting our venues – as they are public facilities, the use of face masks is legally required in these communal spaces.

However, once you are inside your event space, the use of face masks is no longer mandatory. However, it is strongly encouraged.

Green light: Face masks are not mandatory, either within our facilities or in your event space – however, their use indoors continue to be strongly encouraged.

Physical distancing

Red and orange: A one-metre physical distance must be maintained.

Green: Limits on the number of people allowed indoors, based on physical distancing, do not apply.


Practicing stringent hygiene at all times. Transport World facilities have hand sanitiser available to all guests.

Other health measures

Stay home if you’re sick (or have any symptoms), cover coughs with your elbow (not your hands), and wash your hands frequently.


Anything else to consider?

Please be aware that checking the vaccination status of each guest entering our facilities may make wait times a little bit longer than usual. Please have you pass ready for sighting, and your NZ COVID-19 Tracing app ready to scan on entry. We will endeavour to make this process go as smoothly and as easily as possible.

We ask that our guests continue to treat all Transport World staff – but particularly those frontline team members tasked with verifying the vaccination status of all guests coming on-site – with patience and kindness.

These are challenging times for all of us, and – like you – we are navigating these as best as we can.


Note: The Lodges at Transport World is not subject to the same regulations and restrictions under the Covid-19 Protection Framework.


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