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TW Events & Incentives backing calls to meet in-person


TW Events & Incentives is pleased to see Southland business leaders pushing for in-person meetings to resume, in the wake of the national COVID-19 lockdown.

TW Events & Incentives event manager Adam Reinsfield says encouraging business events travellers to resume face-to-face meetings is crucial to Southland’s economic recovery.

“We’re thrilled to see the Southland Chamber of Commerce recognising the importance of revitalising the corporate traveller market, through the launch of their new initiative Meet Face-to-Face. The value of the business events industry extends well beyond the financial boost they bring to a region – the social and cultural impacts are immense too,” he says.

“On a per-person basis, business events visitors contribute significantly greater value in comparison to other guests. They tend to be pulled to a region to attend an event, and often extend their stay – and a longer stay means a higher spend, as they engage in additional leisure and hospitality opportunities.”

The launch of the Southland Chamber of Commerce’s initiative will be held at TW Events & Incentives venue Classic Motorcycle Mecca on Thursday. 

The loss of revenue from the business events industry is conservatively estimated to be $322m in 2020, according to Conventions & Incentives New Zealand.

“We need to get Southland moving again and encouraging out-of-towners to actually get on a plane and visit our region in-person is key to stimulating our economy. The conveniences of modern life, including emailing and Zoom, have their place and are fantastic resources to enhance events. But there’s nothing like meeting somebody in person, being able to look them in the eye and interact with them on a more personal level, to foster business relationships – and that benefits our whole community,” Reinsfield says.

“While we’ve been encouraged by the number of organisations booking events with us, and buoyed by the calls to support local, now is not the time to take the foot off the pedal. Ensuring New Zealand’s economy recovers as quickly as possible means we need to sustain that momentum and continue to support the businesses within our communities.”

From holding meetings in local cafés to checking into local accommodation outlets and even resuming corporate incentives packages, encouraging businesses around New Zealand to get out of their offices and head south would bring much-welcome revenue to Southland’s economy, he says.

Like other venues, TW Events & Incentives was still taking its commitment to guests’ health and safety seriously, he says.

“We understand some people might still have a bit of lingering nervousness, but health and safety is paramount at TW Events & Incentives. We’ve adapted to the need for incredibly stringent hygiene measures as well as ensuring contact tracing remains in place,” he says

“From our perspective, we’re ready to be getting back to business and we’re hopeful other organisations are too.”

Click here for more about the launch of the Meet Face-to-Face initiative.

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