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Terms & Conditions

TW Events & Incentives reserves the right to require clients and guests follow the terms and conditions as outlined below.

Tentative bookings

Enquiries for venue availability dates occur regularly. These are simply enquiries and do not constitute a  tentative booking until acknowledgement of a tentative booking is given to you by Transport World in writing (by email or otherwise). If another client requests the space you have tentatively booked then we will use our best endeavours to contact you to ask for immediate confirmation in writing. Transport World reserves the right to cancel a tentative booking at any time in its discretion.


Bookings must be confirmed in writing (by email to the Event Manager is fine). Alternatively, receipt by us of a completed booking sheet from you will be taken as confirmation that the event will go ahead. Confirmation of a booking amounts to an agreement to hire subject to these terms and conditions. A confirmation fee may be required to confirm a booking. If that is the case, you will be informed by Transport World and an invoice for the confirmation fee will be sent to you. If a confirmation fee has been requested, your booking is not confirmed until the confirmation fee has been paid. The confirmation fee is non-refundable.

Booking sheets

All bookings require a completed booking sheet which indicates your requirements for rooms and services . We may make recommendations that differ from the booking sheet and will seek your agreement in writing. We will communicate with you about your requirements in the lead up to the event but we cannot guarantee your requirements will be met if the end requirements differ significantly from the booking sheet details or other agreement. We reserve the right to reallocate function rooms at our discretion whilst ensuring that your agreed requirements are met.


Upon finalisation of all details including final numbers, catering requirements, timings, room set up, and AV requirements, Transport World will provide to you a draft a run sheet. The run sheet must be confirmed by you in writing at least seven working days ahead of the event. Once the run sheet is confirmed the event is finalised. Upon finalisation you may be liable to pay for all venue hire fees, equipment, food & beverages, and services booked. Any changes after finalisation are at the Event Manager’s discretion. You may only use the venue to stage the event as described in the run sheet.


All cancellations must be confirmed in writing (by email or other means). Cancellation of a confirmed booking will incur a cancellation fee equal to the quoted room hire fee less the confirmation fee paid (if any). If the event is cancelled within seven working days of the event the total price as shown on the run sheet (total venue hire fees and total estimated services) will be payable.

Price variations

All prices are current at the time of quotation however food, beverages and other costs are subject to change. In the unlikely event that quoted prices change, we will notify you prior to your event.

Duration of hire

Transport World offers room hire rates based on time of day and duration of hire – we have half day rates, full day rates and evening rates. Half day rates apply only to events of less than 4 hours duration which occur either before or after noon, with no break out space required for lunch. Full day rates allow for an event to take place any time between 7.30am to 5pm. Evening rates allow for an event to take place any time between 5pm to midnight. If you require additional time either earlier or later you must pre-arrange this and will be charged
$50.00 per hour or part thereof for after hours staff attendance. Due to license restrictions, and out of respect for our residential neighbours, all bars must close at 11.30 pm and all events must wrap up by midnight. The venue must be completely vacated at the end of the duration of hire. If your event overruns you may be asked to vacate or you may be charged $50.00 per hour or part thereof overrun fee. If you and/or your suppliers require access to the room to pack in before the event or pack out after the event, additional room hire fees may apply. Please discuss with your Event Manager.


Extra charges may apply for functions scheduled on Public Holidays or where the event extends beyond midnight prior to a Public Holiday.

Unauthorised extras

Unless otherwise instructed in writing, the client will be liable for all charges incurred by the client or the client’s agents during the course of the function.


Unless otherwise arranged, we will issue an invoice after the event. Payment can be made by cash, direct credit, credit card or cheque. Credit card payments incur a 2% surcharge. One bill payer only per event unless otherwise arranged with the Event Manager at the Event Manager’s discretion.

Food & beverage

Only food and beverages purchased from our caterers can be consumed on our premises and no food or beverages may be removed from our premises. Our caterers hold the liquor licence and we will support them to ensure the sale, supply and consumption of alcohol shall be undertaken safely and responsibly and the harm caused by the excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol shall be minimised.

Bar tabs

At the discretion of the caterers you may arrange a bar tab. The final cost of beverages on a bar tab will be quantified after the event. The caterers will, to the best of their ability, run the bar tab according to the limits you put on it (as described on your run sheet), but the bar tab is ultimately your responsibility and all drinks charged on it will be added to your invoice.


The Event Manager is to be notified of any intended deliveries. Transport World will not be responsible for, and may not accept, packages, parcels or equipment that arrive without prior notification. All deliveries must clearly state the company or function name and the date of the function. Surcharges for handling deliveries may apply.


Transport World is not responsible for loss or damage to any property brought on to the venue.

Reasonable care

All reasonable care is to be taken in the use and occupation of the venue so as to ensure the venue will be left in the same condition upon completion of the event as it was at the commencement. In this regard, any persons using the venue in the course of your event shall not permanently mark, paint, drill or otherwise deface any part of the venue or make any alteration to the structure, fittings, decorations or furnishings. If paint is removed from the wall due to sticky substances being stuck to it, you will be billed for damages. Additional fees may be charged for any unreasonable soiling of any part of the venue, including exterior pavements.

Proper conduct

You must conduct and manage the use of the venue in an orderly and lawful manner and shall remain responsible for the conduct of your employees, contractors, agents, invitees and ticket holders and shall ensure none of them behave in any riotous, offensive or disorderly manner (including drunken behaviour) or in such a manner that is likely to cause danger or annoyance to other members of the public or damage the reputation of Transport World (including excessive noise and nuisance to our residential neighbours).


If you wish to employ any outside suppliers to provide AV, entertainment, theming or any other services, you must seek Transport World’s permission for that supplier to be on site, come to an agreement with Transport World regarding the exact times the supplier will be on site and provide a detailed plan of the intended work. Transport World must get adequate notice of any persons intending to do any work on site as our Health & Safety Policy requires us to induct those persons on site. Transport World reserves the right in its discretion to decline to allow any supplier on site or to instruct any supplier to cease work on site. Transport World has a list of preferred suppliers who are trusted, familiar with our venue and have already been inducted as per our Health & Safety Policy. We can provide you with our preferred supplier’s details on request.

Administration fee

The Transport World Events team has a wealth of experience theming events and organising audio visual installments, special lighting and entertainment. We offer a service whereby we work with you to identify your requirements and then we liaise with our recommended suppliers to scope the job, obtain quotes, and deliver the vision. We will coordinate with the supplier regarding access to the site and pack in and pack out timeframes. This service is optional and the fee for this service is 15% of the supplier’s final GST inclusive bill for all work done.

Health and Safety

You must comply with all prevailing Health and Safety legislation as well as our Health and Safety policies which include:

Liability and indemnity

To the fullest extent permitted by the law you indemnify Transport World from and against all claims, damages and liabilities (including legal fees on a solicitor client basis) however arising out of any breach of your obligations under the agreement to hire including without limitation any claim, loss or damage caused or contributed to by you, or any of your employees, contractors, performers, invitees or agents. Transport World shall not be liable to you under contract or tort or otherwise for any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with the agreement to hire. Despite anything else contained in these terms and conditions, the extent of Transport World’s aggregate liability to you under the agreement to hire for any loss, damage, claim or expense (whether due to Transport World’s negligence or otherwise) is limited to the amount of the venue hire fee.


Terms & Conditions for events organised by TW Events & Incentives

These terms apply to you, the purchaser, along with any ticket holder using a ticket purchased by you.

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